Background Details


* Get Chino!, Feature ( development)
* Eidolon, Feature Screenplay
​* The Sleepover, Feature Screenplay

* Graven, One Hour Horror Pilot

* Memoria, Short Film


​*Teaser, Short Film, 2017
 Produced by Chris Ethridge
*The Mondays, Short Film, 2019
Produced by Atlanta Media Pros 
*Gentlewoman's Guide to Domesticity, Short Film, 2018
*Sanguino, WIHM Blood Donation PSA, 2018
​Written by Anthony Taylor


*Nightmares Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Etheria Tour (Official Selection)

*Rome International Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Buried Alive (Official Selection)

*Coney Island Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Women in Horror Film Festival (Official Selection)
* Screencraft Horror Writing Competition (Semifinalist)
*Filmquest  (Screenplay Finalist)
*Genreblast (Official Selection)

*Scriptapalooza (Screenplay Quarterfinalist)
*Mondo Cult Variety Showcase (Official Selection)
*Ax Wound Film Festival (Official Selection)
*Hollywood Horrorfest (Official Selection)
​*Die Laughing (Screenplay Finalist)



Dayna Noffke grew up as the clumsy kid in the back brace who spent too much time in the hospital. Her German grandmother crocheted her a set of lederhosen for third grade picture day and Dayna figured that from that day forward things could only get better! She wasn’t wrong. After a childhood largely spent missing out on kid-fun, Dayna-the-adult developed a taste for adventure and a rather morbid sense of humor.

Starting with learning cartwheels, she broken-boned her way through boxing and a short roller derby career, logged a lot of time on roller coasters and perfected the art of traveling on the cheap.

That sense of adventure extended to an interest in horror. Dayna is especially inspired by tales of survival, and of stories about outsiders struggling to find their place in a confusing world. As in real life, terror and humor often go hand-in-hand in her writing.

Dayna’s diverse life experiences - from working minimum wage jobs as a single mother and college student to teaching special education, doing anthropological fieldwork in Nicaragua and beyond - have afforded her the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. This love of people, in all their wonderful diversity, is reflected in her writing.

In her free time, you’ll find Dayna hanging with her family, studying Japanese language, skating, decorating her Addams Family-themed living room or bottle-feeding foster kittens. Although she has given up on learning to do a cartwheel for the time being, her motto remains “Never say never.”