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* Get Chino!, Feature ( development)
* Eidolon, Feature Screenplay
​* The Sleepover, Feature Screenplay

* The Mire, Feature Screenplay


​*Teaser, Short Film, 2017
 Produced by Chris Ethridge
*The Mondays, Short Film, 2019
Produced by Atlanta Media Pros 
*Gentlewoman's Guide to Domesticity, Short Film, 2018
​Produced by Dayna Noffke
*Sanguino, WIHM Blood Donation PSA, 2018
​Written by Anthony Taylor


*Nightmares Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Etheria Tour (Official Selection)

*Rome International Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Buried Alive (Official Selection)

*Coney Island Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Women in Horror Film Festival (Official Selection)
*Filmquest  (Screenplay Finalist)
*Genreblast (Official Selection)
*Mondo Cult Variety Showcase (Official Selection)
*Ax Wound Film Festival (Official Selection)
*Hollywood Horrorfest (Official Selection)
​*Die Laughing (Screenplay Finalist)


*Acting for Directors, Alliance of Women Directors, 2019

*Producing 101, Atlanta Film Society/AWD, 2018
*Atlanta Film Festival Creative Conference, 2017/2018/2019
*Terminus Creative Conference, 2017/2018



Dayna Noffke is a screenwriter and director whose unique brand of storytelling and dark humor is informed by her varied experiences and a lifelong love of the movies.

Her travels have taken her from a childhood in St. Louis to stops in Boston and onward to her adopted home of Atlanta.

 Along the way she picked up a degree in physical anthropology/primatology, logged time on a research project on mantled howler monkeys in Nicaragua, taught high school, and even earned a roller derby name.

Dayna fell in love with filmmaking after a chance encounter brought her to the set of an independent film as an extra. Within two months, she had written and directed her first short film. In addition to working on her own projects, she spent five years as a union set decorator and buyer. Her work on numerous films and television shows has further developed the strong sense of design and aesthetics which informs her work.

Her film catalog runs the gamut from early no/low-budget fare - such as 2011’s short film, MOUSE, which garnered positive reviews for its naturalistic acting and black humor - to recent projects such as Teaser, a lush burlesque - inspired slice of surreal horror which enjoyed a successful film festival run. Her work is a reflection on the intersection between the beautiful and frightening, the mundane and the absurd and often features women in prominent - and unexpected - roles.

Dayna’s films have been screened at numerous festivals around the world including such genre luminaries as Nightmares Film Festival (“the Cannes of Horror”), Genreblast, Etheria Tour, Mondo Cult Variety Night and Women in Horror Film Festival. Her feature and short screenplays have been chosen as official selections and finalists in screenplay competitions and showcases such as Oaxaca Film Festival, Stranger With My Face and Filmquest.

She is currently in development for her debut feature film project, Get Chino!

 In her off time, she can be found traveling with her family, studying Japanese language and attending film festivals and conventions.


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