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* Get Chino!, Feature ( in development)
* Eidolon, Microbudget Feature Screenplay
​* The Sleepover, Feature Screenplay

* Soothsayer, One Hour Horror Pilot

* Graven, One Hour Horror Pilot

* Memoria, Horror Short 
* The Call, J-Horror Feature


​*Teaser, Short Film, 2017
 Produced by Chris Ethridge
*The Mondays, Short Film, 2019
Produced by Atlanta Media Pros 
*Gentlewoman's Guide to Domesticity, Short Film, 2018
*Sanguino, WIHM Blood Donation PSA, 2018, in association with Twisted Twins, written by Anthony Taylor


*Nightmares Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Etheria Tour (Official Selection)

*Rome International Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Buried Alive (Official Selection)

*Coney Island Film Festival (Official Selection)

*Women in Horror Film Festival (Official Selection)
* Screencraft Horror Writing Competition (Semifinalist)
*Filmquest  (Screenplay Finalist)
*Genreblast (Official Selection)

*Scriptapalooza (Screenplay Quarterfinalist)
*Mondo Cult Variety Showcase (Official Selection)
*Ax Wound Film Festival (Official Selection)
*Hollywood Horrorfest (Official Selection)
​*Die Laughing (Screenplay Finalist)
*Stage 32 Search for New Blood (Screenplay Finalist)

About : CV


Dayna Noffke is an award-winning WGA writer and director specializing in character-driven horror, thrillers, and dark comedy.  Her work is fueled by gallows humor and a desire for connection. 

Dayna’s directing style is collaborative. As the keeper of the story, she believes in conveying a strong vision to the crew and actors, and  empowering them to bring that vision to life. 

Relationships are at the heart of her work, which is also informed by her
diverse life experiences, including work as a set decorator/production designer,  fieldwork in Nicaragua and several years in the special education and mental health fields.

She is particularly drawn to tales of outsiders, survival, and complex family dynamics.  Her favorite stories exist at the intersection of the horrible, the humorous,  and the beautiful.

Dayna is best known for her lush burlesque-themed horror short film, TEASER, her Women in Horror Month blood donation PSA, SANGUINO, and her Victorian horror poem, GENTLEWOMAN’S GUIDE TO DOMESTICITY, among other work.

When she’s not on-set or madly typing away, you’ll find Dayna hanging out with her family, traveling on the cheap, studying Japanese, skating, or working on vintage monster models.

About : Bio
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