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Selected Screenplays

The Witch Queen
Horror Feature
Comps: The Tudors x The Witch

Haunted by gruesome visions of her own execution and fearing herself cursed, Anne Boleyn turns to witchcraft to resurrect the miscarried male heir who might ensure her daughter Elizabeth’s survival in the treacherous, blood-soaked court of Henry VIII.

Don't Split Up
Horror Feature
Scream x Happy Death Day

When a Halloween sleepover game releases the ghost of a notorious killer, a middle-school movie nerd, armed only with her encyclopedic knowledge of horror tropes, must unravel the rules of the killer's self-styled 80s horror film to save the town from his grisly, time-bending murder spree. 

Denwa: The Call
Get Chino!
What We Do in the Shadows
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